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Dr. Chladny and SureSmile


Over 1000 patients treated with SureSmile 

Dr. Chladny was the first orthodontist in Central Illinois to utilize SureSmile® technology. He began treating patients with SureSmile in 2010 and, to date, has used this revolutionary technology on over 1000 patients.  

Dr. Chladny believes that SureSmile technology is a breakthrough in orthodontics and provides him with the tools to offer the highest quality orthodontic result in the shortest period of time.

Why is SureSmile such a breakthrough?  

SureSmile allows for a detailed 3D treatment planning process. Dr. Chladny can manipulate patient’s teeth and examine the relationship between tooth roots and bone in a virtual 3D world. Second, the actual movements of the teeth are extremely accurate and calculated to the nearest tenth of a millimeter and one degree. Third, the teeth are moved into their final positions with wires customized by Dr. Chladny that are bent by a robot, instead of by hand, thus minimizing error.
SureSmile has dramatically decreased the time spent in braces at Chladny Orthodontics. In fact, the average time in braces at our office is now 15.8 months. This is in comparison to the average time in braces of 24 months when Dr. Chladny utilized conventional orthodontics. Our patients appreciate that we now require about six fewer office visits, on average, during their treatment.
With SureSmile, Dr. Chladny delivers outstanding treatment results, but with less time in braces. Less time in braces means fewer appointments, less discomfort and less interruption to your busy lifestyle.

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